About Gracie


     I have been blessed with an eclectic and rewarding life, filled with family and friends and a passel of animals. Having traveled throughout the United States, I proudly call Upstate New York home. The fifth child of an incredibly brave woman, I am a wife, sister, aunt , farmer, runner, skier and gardener. Careers...yeah, I've had a few, including: radio disc jockey (all rock 'n roll, baby!), a pipefitter and an investigator. But the most enjoyable "job" I have had, is that of a writer.        

     One of my guilty pleasures is spending hours in a bookstore or library, browsing covers and jacket blurbs, and then leaving with a stack of gems to enjoy later. I simply love books, of all sizes, shapes and genres. Though honestly, I would be able to fit many more on my shelves if they were all the same size! 
     My other guilty pleasures?  Well you definitely have to put chocolate, pasta, rich coffee and good beer at the top of the list of things I happily consume. Lazy time? Swimming in the creek with my dogs and hubby. Rocking in the big wooden swing in my barn after the chores are done, listening to the horses munch on their dinner. And, of course, deck time. Whether it's just me with the newspaper, coffee and pups, or a whole gang of family and friends, I love being outside on the deck.