Romp through Ireland with this fun novella!

You'll love this Seasoned Romance set on the South Carolina shore!

Just a few weeks from the release of An Officer's Journey: Book 3 in the New York Journey Series

Her Carolina Passion

When widowed Lizbeth Spensor agrees to a summer teaching English as a New Language (ENL) in South Carolina, her only plan is to come home with a killer tan. But a chance encounter at a Piggly Wiggly – seriously, who names these stores? – with Beau Landry stirs up action in her body parts she thought were long dead. But can a Northern gal who’d been with just one man in thirty years allow herself to melt under the honeyed voice of this salt and peppered titan of Southern industry?

Her Irish Passion

Kayleigh Burke has had a bit of a drought, of sex and laughter, since she broke up with her cheating ex-boyfriend. Her BFF decides they need to travel to make Kayleigh smile. But two days before wheels up to Ireland, her friend cancels and Kayleigh is left to travel alone.

Angry with her friend and hating men in general, Kayleigh heads out on her own to visit the Emerald Isle. Then she face-plants into the impressive pecs of Rory Lynch and being alone no longer sounds like much fun. But, can she throw caution to the wind to play with a well-built, perfect stranger for two weeks?

A Fragmented Journey

Book One in the New York Journey Series

IT specialist Kara Maloney-Elliot returns from an Atlanta trade show to an empty home in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.  When the State Troopers find her contractor husband trussed in leather, the apparent victim of auto-eroticism gone bad, in a cabin 50 miles away, questions surface about his past and the owner of the swing he is hanging in.

Kara’s heart-wrenching and lonely journey through this unfamiliar environment is softened by new relationships with fellow computer “geek” Mark Shelton and BCI Sergeant John Harley.  Mark’s devilish smile leads Kara to break all rules of etiquette when she should be mourning her late husband; John’s friendship helps her to focus on what she really wants to do with her future.          

After rebuilding her life, Kara’s faith in humanity is pushed to the limits when she’s asked by John Harley to join a Search and Rescue team with her German Shepherds.  The missing person: the woman with the S & M trapeze in the Adirondacks that took her late husband’s life.

The Journey Creekside 

​Book Two in the New York Journey Series

Michael Corbin is a dedicated family man - so much so that he’s agreed to carry the mantle of responsibility of his parents’ property and business, Columbia Timber and Construction.  But two months in, Michael is sucker punched when his wife leaves him for another woman. 

Then one night while eating dinner alone in an Irish bar in Albany, he finally gets the chance to chat up a stunning red-head he’d met a few months before, unwittingly opening his heart to the woman who will save him and his world, marketing maven Aisling Bailey.

When money gets tight during a building dry-spell, Aisling convinces Michael to open the pristine 800 acres of Columbia Timber to primitive camping.  With a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who believe in honoring Mother Earth and the proximity to metro-New York City, the idea could prove to be a winning combination to save the Corbin homestead. But their idea to share the mountain with others is in jeopardy when a clearing crew member gets lost and they need to call in a Search and Rescue team. And worse yet, their developing love for each other is threatened by the stress of it all.