A Fragmented Journey
IT specialist Kara Maloney-Elliot returns from an Atlanta trade show to an empty home in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.  When the State Troopers find her contractor husband trussed in leather, the apparent victim of auto-eroticism gone bad, in a cabin 50 miles away, questions surface about his past and the owner of the swing he is hanging in.

            Kara’s heart-wrenching and lonely journey through this unfamiliar environment is softened by new relationships with fellow computer “geek” Mark Shelton and BCI Sergeant John Harley.  Mark’s devilish smile leads Kara to break all rules of etiquette when she should be mourning her late husband; John’s friendship helps her to focus on what she really wants to do with her future.          

            After rebuilding her life, Kara’s faith in humanity is pushed to the limits when she’s asked by John Harley to join a Search and Rescue team with her German Shepherds.  The missing person: the woman with the S & M trapeze in the Adirondacks that took her late husband’s life.

Gracie Guy